Lovely Lucky’s Doggy Boutique

Doggy Boutique Now Open!

Leanne opened her grooming salon in May 2013, after building up her clientele through her mobile dog-grooming service.

Noticing that there were no outlets offering high quality doggy products in Vauxhall, Leanne decided to set aside an area of the salon for the sale of very carefully selected doggy items.

With the grooming side of the business moving more towards the more exclusive end of the market, and the focus on quality rather than quantity, Leanne felt the time was right to launch Vauxhall’s first ‘funky’ doggy boutique.

Lovely Luckys Doggy Boutique


At this stage our range is quite small, and we’re just at the start with lot’s to learn! We’ve started with a selection of quality organic treats, long lasting toys and a small range of shampoos and accessories. We’re already offering bespoke dog tags, and are hoping to team up with a local theatre costume designer to provide bespoke doggy coats….really exciting!

Future Plans

While the dog grooming service is still the main stay of the business, Leanne hopes to develop the boutique over the next few months, and is also looking into the possibility of establishing a doggy-friendly cafe in the future.

What does Lucky think of all this?

Leanne says:

Lucky loves the new salon layout with the chique little boutique, and loves meeting the clients. With me spending more time in the boutique, she gets to spend more time in her favourite place – her snuggly comfortable bed – and of course, sampling the organic treats is a perk of having one’s own boutique!

Lovely Luckys Doggy Boutique


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